First time scrog with autos (purple hulk & og kush)

Hi everyone, new to indoor growing and autoflowers.
I’ll be growing two autos in a 2x4x6 tent using FFOF soil using the scrog technique. The seeds are Purple Hulk and OG Kush, both autoflower. Got them from MSNL. I plan to post updates during the grow. As of this moment the two seeds have been soaking for 4 hours. I will check them in 12 more hours.

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Ewwww I’ll be watching… I have been toying with the idea of running an angled scrog off each of my pots to the walls to make sure I have room/support for my 4 autos 30 days old (2 Bergman’s Gold Leaf and 2 Sour Diesels) in a 2x4x5, plus I have 4 regular seedlings(non-fem and hoping there will be only 1 female) that are at 12 days since being germinated. I can’t figure out how though without getting another/better light. What light/pots/system are you using? @Tdog94wl

Its been 15 hours since i dropped 2 seeds in water and peroxide. They both have cracked open and are showing small tap roots.

Lights- one 1500W Bestva led and a 600W led
Pots- 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots. Havent decided
18/6 light schedule
The screen i made myself. Pvc pipe and twine. It’s suspended with adjustible straps
8in. Vivosun fan
6in. Inline fan and charcoal fillter

My little girls😄


what is the pvc grid on the bottom?

I made it to sit the pots on. I’ll put something underneath it to catch run off water. And it will help air flow under the pots.

Got everything set for the girls to pop up. The light is set at 11" from the soil. I have 2,3, and 5 gallon pots. Opinions on what size pot to use?

No experience with the strain, but, I’ve been LSTing and pruning mine and they are in 5 gallon pots… These 3 are at 5 weeks above ground today.

Pots are 12 inches wide to side. Plants are
6.5 in 5.5 in & 5 in tall now

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What are using for lighting? I hung 2 led’s, i was told autos need more light. But its gonna be difficult to keep the temp down. My new light is 1200W (not 1500W as i said in previous post) and the other is a 600W that came with the tent. should i use both or would just one light work?

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Parfactworks ra2000 watt. There is a YouTube video “do cheap Amazon led lights really work”(something like that I can find it if you want it) and he has the watt meter, it’s drawing 228 watts. I’ve been keeping it at between 22-26 inches away recently. It’s working on my regular seedlings who are way on the side too. All have tight node spacing. I did another training today on all 4. Waiting until they turn up to decide on another trim or not. Then I’ll prolly post pics on my journal.

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As far as using both. I’m not sure there are a few lighting experts but they’ll likely say the watt they say is what it is supposed to replicate and without a true watt meter it’s kinda hard to tell. I think there is more you need to know to scientifically dial it in. I can’t remember all the jargon. I do know that I was running mine for 18/6 and had to dial it back to 16/8 because I saw the leaves hanging and not perky for about 2 hours prior. when I looked around I found a formula and used the YouTube videos readings to see what my Daily Light Integral was. When I dialed back to 16/8 it was just a little more than the longest day Arizona has. At 18/6… I dunno what it would be even close to matching in DLI. But regardless… Your light should be fine both or one(1200) during veg. Depending how they grow canopy-wise having the additional light would be nice and regardless you can use it for seedlings of you don’t for flowing. It’ll be more a matter of right height with right day/night and what the flowering footprint will be at the height you choose to determine if you’ll NEED both.

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Just put up the new 6" hyper fan.

I wanted to try and get a fan/filter combo , but i dont know what cfm’s for a filter is best, one im using now is probaly way off.

@Skydiver @Gardenguy @Konflict
Thanks for all the help and advice

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Do need some help looking for a new filter.
-2x4x6 tent
-6" hyper fan
-1200W Bestva LED
-Im able to control the humidity now
-Im pretty sure theres a mathmatical equasion to figure the correct CFM’s?
So any advice would be much appreciated from anyone…

Lol not sure where I helped but no prob T-Dog.
I’m liking the one I recently bought. Ill post pic with info

Mine I believe is the 6x18 at $80.

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Is an inline fan need more or less CFM’s than the the filter?

Not 100% but I believe less. You want the exhaust to pull stronger to create an air current flowing from intake to exhaust. Not being able to clear out the air being pushed in will expand your tent til it looks like its going to pop. You want it to slightly suck the walls inward.

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look up the 6x18. Just saw that said intake. Mine is for exhaust

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