Issue with seeds dying in rockwool cubes

From a fellow grower: On the morning of (9/3/22) I transferred them to small cubes. I put them under good lights, kept the cubes moist (not damp) and put them on 12 hours. I was going to wait for them to reach around 8 inches before transferring them to bigger cubes and then into their final growing place my flood and drain system. Several of them continued to grow others have not. The ones that started growing are now dying


Could you please explain step by step how you started the seeds and how you placed them in the cubes.
I have never seen what I see here. Looks like every seed has sent its root upwards and is growing upside down. If those are right side up it had to be in near total darkness that they grew like that.
I have more questions than answers right now.
We will be glad to help troubleshoot this with some more info.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: That is very strange indeed.
I’m stumped. :anguished:

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I can only make an assumption that the path to least resistance was the top of the cube for the roots if these were started shallow in the cube?? I’ve placed many tail up in soil and they wiggle and fight their way into the soil before breaking ground right side up. Stumped like the others :love_you_gesture:


I would loose seeds started in rockwool until I realized the hole needs to be a lot bigger. No room for the seedlings to turn around if put in root side up.

Are the tops of it green with Algae?

Not real sure but might not be good for it if so

Looks like u have some algae & mold issue. I usually pop my seeds in a paper towel in a sandwich bag(ziplock). Takes about 2-3 days to pop with tail. Night before planting, I prep the rockwool in ph’ed (5.8)water .next day shake not squeeze the rockwool dry (not too dry) . Place the seed tail in 1st in the hole . Lightly brush the hole shut , place them in a dome with a heating pad. Little lighting and dont not water until it sprout and the rockwool is really dry. That’s pretty much my process, hope it helps and good luck :v:


I think it’s pretty obvious that this grower thought that the tap root was the plant itself, and put them in the rockwool, tail UP!