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Not sure how this works how do you post photo to this

This is Northern lights in soil and perlite under 450watt led 18in away plant’s are in 5gal grow bags with plenty air circulation have heated mat under p
lants and air scrubber all liquids have neutral pH 6.5 checked all before use and adjustments were made humidity runs around 60% and temp 75-85 degrees in tent.

@Redneckwv what’s the question ?
Are you feed the plant if so and how much what ph water in and ph of run off
I would take heat mate out from under her as well ok for seedlings but mature plants like cooler root zone

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I’m guessing your question is about the burning on the edge of some of those big fan leaves?

Yes sir it’s the leaf edges I haven’t really gave much nutes but when I have it seems to occur.

This is today’s pics

Yes sir I have have nutes twice in 4 weeks made sure pH was rite 6.5 and a very weekend mixture at that drainage is good pH comes out bottom good lights are 18 " away it’s what manufacturer recommends viparspecter 450 watt organic dirt organic nutes and the mat is under the plants but not plugged in now only used it early on the dirt has some support but only three weeks is what the bag says fed first time at week 3 mid week second time even weaker nutes than first feeding think I’m just gonna water only until I go 12/12 to avoid more damage but I would like to know what problem truly is I’m a greenhorn here but I did alot of research before I began but nothing beats experience !!!

I removed the two worst leaves


I’m having problems with a plant. any idea’s

the leaves have curled up, and turning yellow…thanks

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