Back to the bronze age (help pease)

Apple Betty
Sprouted 9/24
Soil (FoxdFarm:OF)
Nutes (Fox Farm Trio (6-4-4)(2-8-4)(0-.05-.7 haven’t used much of this one))
2x 150w Viparspectra LED grow lights
1x 100w Vivosun LED grow light.
Temps fluctuates from75-80 to 60-65
Humidity is in the 60 percent. Can some one please help me. I’m not sure thePH and ppm stuff

Browning on edges of a few leaves, what’s with that? It has had them for at least a week.


Looks like a slight nute butn

:point_up_2: do you have a PH and TDS pen for checking these? Have you been watering or feeding to ample run, this is where you check the soil PH and PPMS (TDS). The run off numbers will let you know the PH and nutrients that are in the soil, what nutrients are you using. Additionally I would defoliate some to get some air circulation and light penetration :love_you_gesture:


You can buy a cheapo ph pen but I would recommend spending a bit more on a better quality pen. I use the Apera ph20, it won’t break the bank and has served me well for almost 3 years. In soil your looking for a ph of 6.5 after your nutes are mixed in


Assuming your pointing at the large girl in veg/beginning flower? …60low at off- is chilly IMHO. Although it’s great for bringing on fall colors for what looks like buds in fall colors (lower left photo)…
I usually get a translucent yellowing/droop+stall/pause, if i drop (accidentally) ANYTHING BELOW 64F… roots dont like it either

Could be something the others are pointing out though
Impressive trunk though… she gonna yeild heavy!


That is K def. Looks to be beginning to the intermediate stage.

I grow with dry amendments and ferments only. Not sure about how to advise a salt grower to my level of satisfaction, but I’ll try.

Let me narrow this down. Since K def is most common beginning around Wk6 flowering, and K absorption has a wide uptake pH range; do you regularly use calmag?

It’s not uncommon for people to use too much before reaching the max uptake period. An excess of Ca will reduce the plants capacity to absorb K, and this will cause a deficiency to pop up before its time.

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I have only used Fox Farm: Grow Big for veg (6-4-4) and Fox Farm: Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) for flowering.
Have not used anything other than.

I just did ppm and pH with watering. Ph of water given with nutes and all, was between 5.8 and 6.6. PPMs we’re at either 1150 or 12.
Don’t know the runoff

I don’t know ppm’s because I don’t use salts. I’d say that doing a flush would reset the pot, if there is a salt buildup at play here. Then I’d resume feedings to see if the problem has been solved or has increased.

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Runoff important for nutes.
Apera or bluelab ph and tds pens
May need some defoliation or tie downs.
They need light and air
5.8 is low for soil
I take the bottom 1/3 of branches off to give more circulation.
Do u have exhaust and circ fans in tent?

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A defol would only help to spread the problem. Plants cannibalize themselves from the bottoms up, to bring the required nutes to the growing shoots. Removing leaves just compounds this issue.


@Covertgrower could you advise here

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I do I have a some fans and it’s circulated with 2x carbon filters 1into tent and 1out to exhaust. Both fans (actual fans/motor) are out of tent with duct running into.

@AveSatanas666 Howdy!! These :arrow_up: growmies will get you dialed in-I’m late to the party as usual lol!!


You never late, just a little turdy. Tardy. Oops. Lol

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Wholeheartedly agree here. I also suspect there’s not enough watering to run off. There are no stains from watering on the tent floor. Unless the plants are removed from the tent for waterings?
Several waterings to run off, (about 20% run off) while maintaining feedings will help get this back to where it should be. I think there may be a salt build which is causing the brown edges with nutrient burn.
How often and how much are you watering/feeding?


Every 2-3days, I give her a gallon of water. A little runs out, I imagine it gets sucked back up though. I should water to run off every time? I need to buy like a something sturdy about 3–4" off the tent floor so I can put a drip tray underneath.

:point_up_2: this can use issues when the run off contains the salts rinsed out during run off and then absorbed back into the medium. Always remove the excess run offs great advice from @Covertgrower :love_you_gesture:


Yes, occasionally is okay, but the majority of the time, you want run off to “rinse” salt build up out of the medium, and shouldn’t be “reclaimed” back into the soil. If captured, you can water your vegetables or grass with it. :sunglasses: :seedling:


I will take more photos when I return home today. Before I left yesterday I watered 1gallon (full milk jug) pH was 5.8-6.6
Ppm were 11-1250 after all nutes
(16ml (6-4-4))