Back to the bronze age (help pease)

What do I want the pH to be in veg stage? I think my range is for flowering, correct?

This is an acceptable range in my opinion. The 6.6 is a little high, but I wouldn’t allow it to get any higher. Flushing will align the higher PH’s back down, the salt build up will change the ph some also.


You could put plant ‘risers’ under your container in your ‘saucer’ or drip pan. It’d lift them up out of the waste water.


I have fabric pots, if your talking about setting the plant on risers in the drip pan? Ideally I would like something like a 45"x45" bbq grill grate thing. So I could set that on top of some “legs” about 3-4" high and I’ll put the plants on the grill, so to speak, lol


Here she is now. And I pulled her out to get better pics

Okay update. Watered to RO, RO ppm was about 550-700(I don’t remember exactly) pH was 5.8ish. now my feeding water was >1250, pH was 6ish, after nutes were added.

Research r/o water and the trouble with ppm & ph readings. With r/o your essentially starting from 0.

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taken this morning, lights off

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