What means small like-burn or browning on leaves edges?

It looks like this:

There are more leaves like this on the other side of the plant but this one has the biggest damage.
It grows under full time CFL + full spectrum LED.


prefertilized soil is a killer. Your leaves are curled crinkled and burned. too many nutes

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What can I do?

If u are growing in a 5 gallon pot, flush with ph adjusted water with 15 gallon of plain ph water. Take size of pot x 3 and use that much water

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What is your pH? Your watering/feed amounts/schedule? What’s the wattage of your led? How far away are your lights?

ur plant doesnt seem happy. pls fill out a support ticket.

save yourself a lot of grief n effort. forget about this plant. START OVER

get good seeds. suggest you use grow store growing media… Happy Frog Fox Farm—be aware prefertilized Fox Farm is famous for burning up plants like yours is…but, Fox Farm unfertilized is good.

5 gallon bucket with drain holes, start feeding nutes at 20% of factory suggested feeding schedule.

Get a good strong light…watch the leaves. Curled, crinkled, discolored leaves indicate too many nutes. Leaves should be green, perky like praying hands to the light–they are getting goodies, mostly smooth.

Learn to read your leaves…they are the best indicator of healthy or unhealthy plants.

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Don’t kill your plant. Fill out the support ticket. If you are maintaining pH and ppms correctly, you’ll get the plant in a better place and learn a lot along the way.

Thanks everyone who contributed until now.
Here is my support ticket:

  • Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA: Northern Light
  • Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?: Purchased seedling soil
  • System type?: NA
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?: NA
  • Watering water?: Spring water - pH: 7
  • PH of soil at root level?: 6-7
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: I don’t add anything.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
  • Light system, size?:
    1. 80 W full spectrum LEDs,
    2. 50 W of compact fluoroscent light with soft light,,
    3. 20 W of compact fluoroscent light with bright light
  • Temps; Day, Night: approx 60 F (15 C)
  • Humidity; Day, Night: I don’t have exact measure but it is more dry environment.
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: No but it is a quite big room.
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: No
  • Co2; No

Thank you for any input.

What kind of soil?
New to growing inside but feel this like others said is nutes issue.
I got some potting soil from Lowes and was using that for a grow for outside years back. And had same issue. It just had too much crap.
I went with Sohum soil in my first inside grow and plants love it!! No nutes needed and ph isn’t a huge thing either, tho I check it anyway.
But yea would say soil to hot
Rock on

I have a soil which is not US market based since I am not US based. The producer says this about it:

Bio Plantella Start
High-quality soil from the best peat suitable for planting, growing and transplanting of seedlings.

  • guarantees healthy and strong seedlings,
  • contains 100 % natural turf,
  • provides ideal conditions for young plant growth.


Bio Plantella Start is a special soil, suitable for planting, growing and transplanting seedlings. The special components in the soil allow for quick root system development. The pH-value and nutrient share in the Bio Plantella Start soil give the seedlings all the needed nutrients for proper root development and growth. The turf combination provides optimal water retention in the soil. The fine-ground texture of the soil creates the perfect water-air ratio in the root area, ideal for excellent root system development.

What can grower do if soil is to nutrient rich? Is transplanting recomended at age of 10 weeks?

Would look at a soil you can start seed to finish. Unless you going use nutes. Does it have added nutes?
Like a miracle grow here has added nutes.not good
If they are that unhappy I would and hope they survive the added stress. Again I’m on my first inside grow but had this issue with one of my outside grows.
Yea 10 weeks think those girls should be bigger. I would but see what others say. They done a lot more inside grows then me


I checked out your soil. What is the N.P.K on the back side of the bad ?
The soil does have nutrients in it.
And how old is that plant ? she looks to be around 5 to 6 weeks. And when did this start to happen ?
I really believe that this plant was given something. Because if it were the soil this plant would not have made it this far without having any trouble.
Seedlings have their own built in food supply to hold them over to their 5 or 6th true sets of leaves then they will need nutrients but not before that.

This also could be light burn. How close is or was that LED light ?
here is a pic of light burn


Light Burn

Yellowing appears most on the parts of the plant closest to the light.
Yellow leaves do not pull out easily, even if the whole leaf is dead
Light burn often takes a few weeks to develop and is most common once the plant is past the 6th week of the flowering stage (when plants aren’t making many new leaves to replace old ones).

Cannabis light burn usually affects the top leaves closest to the grow light instead of affecting the plant evenly

These cannabis plants are showing the symptoms of light burn - yellow leaves at the top of the plant caused by the grow light being too close

How Do Growers Get It?
Light burn is when your leaves are working too hard for too long, causing them to die early.
Even if the temperature is in a good range, your plant can still get light burn if the grow light is too close. It’s kind of like how skiers can get sunburned even in the freezing temperatures because of all the sunlight reflecting off the snow.
Light burn is most common with powerful lights like HPS/LED/LEC.
It’s also common when switching to new bulbs (which are stronger than old bulbs) or when there is no glass between the bulb and your plants.
Some plants are more sensitive than others, and you may have one plant suffering from light burn while the others are fine. That can make it harder to diagnose the problem since some of your plants are thriving in the same environment!

Light burn symptoms can be different from plant to plant, but they always seem to happen mostly to the parts of the plant that are closest to the light

Example of cannabis symptoms caused by light burn. Yellowing top leaves under the grow lights, and the leaf margins often stay great. With light burn, leaves may turn red instead of yellow.

How to Fix

The best way to fix light burn is to move you grow lights further away, or bend over the affected plants so they’re further from the light.

When in doubt, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to how far away to keep your light from your plants! This is especially important for growers who utilize LEDs