Is this smokable?

Hey guys!
This is my first grow, and I had mold on a part.
I kept for about 10 days, to see if I’d have any more of that cotton-like layer, but nothing showed up.

I did this trimming, and I’m not sure if I done it right.

Plus, this white layer, is it ok, or is it still mold?

I’m using for practice if it’s mold.

Thanks you guys!

Hey there @JustRaf ,
Those don’t really look very well. Something about the color of the pistils and the fact that they didnt turn the right color and curl up. They are that moldy sick grey color that bud rot has.
Plus I think this is mold in this pic.

Mold is the cannabis kryptonite. Hope the next grow does better for you.

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It was one of the lower buds, with very little light. I have other branches but it’s still drying.

Do you think I trimmed it right?

I’m about to start again, with a proper setup, can I use the same soil as before, or it may be moldy? I don’t mean to sound cheap, I was using 50 liter pots, that’s a lot of soil to throw away and buy new ones.

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Mold spores are everywhere and you will never get rid of them completely.
Keeping humidity down and air moving is the key.
Trimming is a personal choice. I don’t trim my buds nearly as much as some do.
Those look fine for popcorn lower buds. Nice frost on them. Sad to have mold.

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Are you sure? It looks fine to me… you cannot really tell from the pics either. The pistils are not clear…

When mold is found precautions need to be taken to kill any spores and the space must be thoroughly sanitized. If you want to reuse the soil it should also be sanitized. You should do the research but I think a wash with a hydrogen peroxide and water should kill the mold. @Spiney_norman good eye. That one was tough to see but once it was pointed out, it is what we all fear.
@JustRaf once you found the mold, all affected plant material needed to be bagged, removed and tossed. After a thorough inspection the plant needed to be sprayed / washed with hydrogen peroxide or something comparable. Air movement should be increased and humidity kept low. The plants will survive and the buds can mature if precautions and care is exercised.
Regarding trimming. It looks like the plant was harvested prematurely. Understandable given the presence of mold. When harvesting after mold is detected I strongly recommend doing a bud wash. This will prevent mold from growing while drying and during the cure.

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Thank you very much for your response.

I bought a gallon of perioxide and I’m going to spray that in the entire house.

I did cut it prematurely, she was 2 or 3 weeks short, but since I couldn’t control the environment properly, I figure was best to cut it and hope the mold didn’t took everything. I never did a trimming before, I’m not sure of how much I should take out. Am I supposed to leave the small leafs, the ones with tricomes, but take out anything without tricomes in it?

Have you guys used any of those electric anti-mold things? Where I live it’s about 80% humidity all the time.

I’ll keep that plant drying for a few more days, I figure it will be enough to any mold grow bigger. I did spray her with vinegar a couple days before cutting.

If no more mold is found, are those buds still smokable? Or it was cut too soon?

Thank you again guys, I’m really lost and you are saving my life!

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The exact trimming technique comes down to personal preference.
I leave anything with trichs on it.
Some trim the buds into nice little compact nuggets. Then use the trim for extraction.
There is no Right or Wrong way to trim. Opinions vary as do passions about personal techniques but in the end its just a plant with sap on it.

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Next time, use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, equal amounts, and spray entire plant, under leaves, top of leaves, everywhere, at lights out. That will kill the mold spores and stop the spread. A usual bud wash is 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to 5 gallons water, rinse in 5 gallon of just water. Whenever I have white powdery mildew, I spray the plant whenever I see it, and then I do the budwash at 2 cups per 5 gallons. But that’s before it’s gotten into the buds like happened to you.

I’m not sure if you can do an alcohol extraction on those or not. They don’t seem totally ruined, just not smokable. Do you have any Everclear? Or if you’re a Canuck, look at Crux, it’s like 190 proof. Don’t know what the equivalent is if you’re in Great Britain tho. 80% humidity sux fer sure tho!

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