I think I have mold in my harvest

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I think I have mold in my harvest. The plants did have some bud rot that I cut out every day until I took the plants early. I’m wondering if there is a sure fire way to test this crop and know for absolutely Sure? Any help before I toss this years stuff? I fed these plants bloom boost during flowering. Other than that, nothing other than making sure the water ph was correct since i was using tap water. This was an outdoor grow in 150 gal bins with yard composted material. These are ak47 plants that where clipped once and grew to 9 feet. After the hurricane rain the botrytis became evident. So I trimmed off as much as I could see. Then took the plants and dried as soon as possible being practical. I have several jars separated or plant specific. One large jar started showing fluffy white stuff. I tossed it. The others I just cant tell. Two people told me it looked really good? I’m just not sure. I am looking under a small microscope. It looks good. Weed is nasty looking to begin with. I don’t see spidery web stuff but I’m just not sure? All the material including the stuff in the pictures attached looked freaken perfect and healthy at the exact time of harvest. Any help is appreciated thank you john”

Customer may have jarred too early and not ventilated. But does the customer know what a trichome looks like?

I have had some really frosty buds, trichomes raining everywhere any time you touched them… The reason I ask is because of


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Mail that stuff to me and I’ll check… :wink:


Me to I’ll help test. And I’ll do it for free,

Curing tip …

The better you trim your weed the better the smell, and less of a chance of mold. Sugar leafs inside the bud dry slower and is the cause of mold most times…

A good trim job goes a long way…:wink:


Would that be machine trimming? hahah couldn’t help it :rofl:
Trimming awesome on a few plants but when you got like a dozen plus takes the whole weekend but nothing beats a properly hand trim bud! Nothing.

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That top pic don’t look good at all. But when in dought toss it out. Why take a chance on getting sick


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Toss it my way

Drying your flowers before jarring them helps too…

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Lol , true story @Whodat66