Is this ready for flower nutrients?

Banana Purple Punch Auto
Just wondering if it’s ready for flowering nutrients
It’s day 42
Day 3 of flower


Your runoff tds will determine if nutes are needed. If runoff tds is below 1000 its time for a feed. As for veg vs bloom, you said day 3 of flower right? Bloom nutes then.


To clarify, bloom vs veg. Nutes are basicly the same right N P and K its the ratio that is the most different. As long as your using a nute line vs piece meal from different bloom 8s bloom and veg is veg.


I wouldn’t be changing her to bloom heavy just yet. She looks to be finishing up her stretch and just starting to really flower. Nitrogen is still mandatory at this point.

Most schedules begin to transition towards bloom at this stage. And in my tent, I usually cycle the veg feed down half a spoon and bloom up half a spoon over the transitioning weeks. But she wouldn’t need to just cut nitrogen even by half at this point