Next stage to take

Hello I am a first time grower this is what my girls look like is there anything I should be doing with them at this stage.


Enjoy watching them produce beautiful flowers. Looking good!


Nice ! looks like you got a couple in the early flower stage. Will need Bloom nutes for those soon. Welcome good luck.

What are bloom notes and where do I get it

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Bloom nutes = nutes with more potassium and phosphorus like Fox Farm’s Tiger Bloom.

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Lot of different good products out there as @MidwestGuy mentioned (Bloom nutes or flowering nutes) equal more phosphorus an phosphate less nitrogen.

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Very nice ! Have you started feeding the plants in flowering stage ?

Yes I have

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I usually start feeding at about Half manufacturer’s dosage and watch how plants respond and build up from there.

This one is growing tall I am not sure if I should fertilize so the buds can grow

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@Angela2 very nice. I would check my run off see what the PPM looks like and if needed. I would go with a bloom nute. More P K and less nitrogen. Your plant looks happy.

Can u recommend a good nute I am not sure which to gt

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Lot of good products on the market. I use Dyna Gro bloom. Pretty simple to use.

Thanks for the suggestion

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