When to change to flowering nutes?

Hi guys,

I want to change to 12/12 cycle today. But i am wondering should i keep watering with veg nutes for a week or 2 before changing to flowering nutes?

Thanks in advance wondeful I :heart:GM prople

Yes continue to feed veg notes but you must add your bloom nukes to create a transition , does this make sense ? For example you feeding 10 ml right veg nukes , so when you make the timer switch from 18/6 - 12/12 your next feeding should have 2.5 ml of bloom nukes in with the 10 ml of veg nukes , and this will initiate pre-flowering transition . Than next feeding is 7.5 ml veg and .5 ml of bloom , than .5 ml of veg than 7.5 ml of bloom , than 2.5 ml of veg and 10 ml of bloom , by this time the plant has transitioned from vegging into flowering , than it should be enough nitrogen to carry the plant throughout the remaining of flower with feeding only 10 ml of bloom nukes , hope this make sense , but you don’t want to make any sudden changes in nutrient feedings are you cause a nutrient lock out and a defiencieny going into flowering .


It depends on your personal style grow, setup, and nutrient name brands choice. I think you should first referring to the manufacturer of the nutrients feeding schedule, and go from there.