Is this Mold on my fabricpots? How does will this impact my plant and what to do?

Is this Mold on my fabricpots? How will this impact my plant and what to do?

are you feeding liquid nutes?
looks like salt build up to me.
and probably to much watering


Good thing about salt is not a lot of things like mold will grow on top of it even better about salt if it’s dissolved in a liquid like it looks like in your picture it will inhabit things like mold I wouldn’t say it would never grow but it would take a long time for it too🌱


Inhibit not inhabit

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Yes i am feeding liquid nutes 2x per day at 2 litters, totalling 4 litters a day. In Coco+Perlit. Staying ~1000ppm & under.

Have you ran that kind of watering routine before or is it your first time?

I am a newbie. First grow ever.

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You have nothing to worry about Growmie :call_me_hand: I grow organic and get it too. It’s just a buildup of minerals and can be washed off after your grow and reuse the pot no problem.

Here is a link to my journal and if I can help you in any way just let me know Done deal's lil heaven


I think its real close or ready to harvest for drying. When do i start watering w/o nutes? What do you think?

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You have weeks to go yet. Start looking at the trichomes on flower when those white pistils have browned and receded.

How many weeks in flowering? It looks to be 4 or 5 weeks into flowering. It takes 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering for the buds to ripen.

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I just started week 7 of flowering.

How far out from harvest should I water w/o nutes. I was told to do that for best quality.

I switch to water only about a week before harvest, though I will state that pre-harvest flushes are controversial and there is a body of evidence that it doesn’t really matter for taste and smoothness. I do it because nutes aren’t necessary at that point because all that plant is doing at that point is ripening flower. It’s simply a money and time saver to not feed that last week.


Here’s a chart to help with deciding harvest time

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Correction. Im starting my 8th week of flowering