Is this light burn / stress

Is this light stress I am using a 650 watt led light 8 bar style light i currently am in the beginning of veg I just fed my plants yesterday by topping the soil it was my first feeding I just put my light back to 40 percent and left it as high as it could go about 3 feet away. Please anybody with experience please help Thanks a lot the problem is getting worse … new growth is coming in green I do notice a little light green sort of like tie dye … thanks again

Welcome to the community , I see no signs of light burn. The new growth will be a lime green color. A picture of the whole plant would be good. Happy growing :v:


Thanks for the welcome … this is the whole plant also on my other plants I notice it as well… i oh my water too. 6.5 to 6. 8 so I’m thinking it’s not a ph issue. If it’s a deficiency I should see an improvement within two or three days because I did just feed my soil.

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Looks great to me! I wouldnt worry, leaves look nice in the whole pic.


I also think plant looks good , A blemish or two on the leafs nothing to worry about.
Keep up the good work :v:

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Just a helful tip they look good but do your self a huge favor and dont touch them unless necessary sometimes we cause this stuff. But again that little ones looking great keep it up

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Ok thanks That’s probably what it was by me and my paranoia lol

And double check make sure your buckets got plenty of drainage

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Ok will do I did make a bunch of holess in the bottoms and sides of the buckets I think I’m going to set up another fan I have two running and in-line. Fan but just to be on the safe side add another little one for better air flow towards the roots thanks for the tips much appreciated

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