Is this flowering/stretching? outdoors, still 13+ hours of daylight

This is a CBD White Widow clone cut on 6/28 living out doors. the days are getting shorter but we still have over 13 hours of daylight. its growing quickly. is she flowering and stretching already? if so, should i move her into my 12/12 indoor room?

i wanted to do some topping in addition to LST, but the nodes seem to be offset and i’m not sure where to top. also, if she is flowering, probably too late to top. my preference would be to veg longer, but maybe i need to flip her now. she is in a small pot now and has received diluted fox farms nutes…worth noting: i’ve taken leftover nutes mixed for mature flowering plants and diluted it for this plant.

what do you think? thanks in advance.


Pre flower, just saying she’s female


Nice looking lady

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@Okie70 @Deepsix

thanks… i’ve really struggled with getting clones to root, but i’m getting the hang of not overfeeding/overwatering! i will definitely up pot her. any thoughts on the offset nodes and topping at this stage?

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Sorry i have never topped a plant only have fimmed. let tag some other growers @Zee @Cannabian @MrPeat

I wouldn’t top her.I would stick with FIM and LST. :+1:


If you want the plant veg longer, depending on your latitude, you may need to extend light time? The plant looks like its in preflower? If so, topping or fimming is not ideal, nor is extending light hours. You could confuse the plant and set it back or worse, hermie it. If you are growing outdoors, naturally, the dark hours and genetics will control flowering. You may use LST ( bending ) without causing setback or hermie.


Rather than top or fim, just gently fold back the top parts. The plant will send auxins to the lower branches and they’ll increase in height while the top recovers. Doing this doesn’t create more tops, but it lets the rest of the plant catch up, and doesn’t stunt growth like topping does.


@Drinkslinger is this “super cropping” vs LST? i’ve read about super cropping it but never tried.

@Cannabian my lattitude is 40.7N. today is 13 hours and 15 minutes sunrise to sunset. i’m thinking she will do what she wants as the days get shorter, then at some point for weather purposes, i’ll bring her inside for 12/12. make sense?

@MrPeat fimming is less stressful than topping? when younger, i had better results with topping, but maybe i didn’t fim correctly.

thanks all.

I top, way before preflowers though.


You have alternate branching on a mature clone, topping it not cause it to branch.

Its hard for us to fathom, but plants have a threshold that includes dawn and dusk, somewhere on either side of those 2 times is the trigger.

Oh contraire my friend, it still changes the flow of auxin, it will stall top growth and enhance lateral growth even though there is alternate branch nodes.