A flowering White Widow...will she grow outside a Canadian Summer?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I was given a BEAUTIFUL white widow plant for my add/hd. She was an indoor plant and never fertilized or topped. Problem is she went into flower a week or 2 before I could pick her up. The problem is not that she is flowering, the problem is that I was going to grow her outside and our Canadian Summer is about to start. Will she revert back to grow? Will she die? What happens now? Please help me. She is starting to look sick. The flower leaves are starting to curl up. I’ve searched for days and can’t find any help. I am attaching pictures if u can help, I would greatly appreciate the help. The pictures are from yesterday 5/24, after this nice hot day. She is even more curled up.”

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Welcome to ILGM. We have some great folks here to help. To start, hardening a plant to go from indoor to outdoor should be gradual, a few hours the first day then shade, more the next until after about three or four days it can be outside all day.

To keep it flowering it needs to be in darkness for at least 12 hours a day unles it is an autoflowering plant. You can take it inside to a closet at the twelve hour mark. Make sure the dark area is cool, 65 to 75 f.

It could be also getting rootbound which is tough on an already flowering plant, just check water needs closely.

@garrigan62, @Matthew420, feel free to chime in.

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My first question is, is it going in the ground or staying in a pot? I can’t see the pot well, but it looks small (could be wrong). The issues you’re seeing could be root bound problems.

I don’t think it will die, it’ll probably revert back to veg if it get’s enough light. I think you can get away with temps as low as 60f or even less perhaps, ideally higher though as @stomper said.

Keep us posted and maybe get a better pic of the pot if it’s staying potted.

Good luck!

Leaves are curling or clawing that’s a sign of nitrogen toxicity she needs regular PhD water

I gave her 1 mix of distilled water and a “miracle grow” type mix. I’ll go back and check the nitro cintent. Thank u!

Miracle grow products are really popular for creating problems especially miracle grow food, and contains lots of nitrogen and my pleasure

Since she is flowering appears to be 2-3 weeks by this point, she will start needing less nitrogen and more phosphorus as well as potassium to help with bud structure and developement

Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll attach a pic of the pot.

and another of “Charolette” with a cig. for height accuracy. I was Planning on transplanting her when she was happy into a this big ass Blue thing I drilled out.

But hadn’t planned on it till she was a very happy girl.

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I think if it were me, and others can chime in, I’d transplant now. 3-gal is a little small and since it’s flowering, you don’t want to cause stress. So, I’m thinking sooner the better and be very gentle with the root ball.

But, looks great! Nice plant! :+1:

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Thanks for the reply! Like I mentioned in the other reply, I do want to transfer her into a 20-40g rubber maid bucket. I was also hoping to get at least tripple the height and I was dreaming of a massive yield. …but who knows…Hope for the best…expect the worst! but I do have these. …

And another 4 of each…:laughing:.


Gotcha. I read it as you were holding off and suggesting not to. Sorry if I misunderstood.

You’re going to have a garden full soon!

that’s my hopes! I’m so excited to be back at it. It’s been too long. My wife is already annoyed…she says it’s all I talk about and that I obses about their health. The Mothership and Texada Timewarp should be MASSIVE if all goes well. Fingers crossed!!


LOL, back when I grew years ago, I had a setup in a big closet. I was in there all the time. My GF said I loved my plants more than her. I probably should have at least paused before agreeing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wonder what she’s up to these days?


If she felt that way about the girls, who really cares what she’s doing? Lmao good one @Matthew420

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I don’t actually care and the weed got you stoned :slight_smile: Win win.

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Yup, weed…check! :sunglasses::palm_tree::+1::v:


Outside of a dog, weed is man’s best friend. Inside a dog it’s too dark to smoke it.


Man…you know your ladies…That was exactly what I gave her…she looked thirsty so I gave her a super watered down glass of distilled water and miracle grow. So you think she will just keep flowering? What would happen if I left her out full time. …and trimmed her up…removed the flower and top her down.? Will she switch back? Or is it in my best interest to Leave her be and just take good care of her? Anyone ever hear of a double harvest??? Like Corn? First 1 smaller…but the second one more potent! !!..lol (sorry for the delayed reply. it told me I had to wait 2h b4 posting and then I got sidetracked.)

that reply at the bottom was meant for u sir. my but man you hit it on the head. Quick question… I was going to move her today…Tri-mx with control release fert. 0.5-0-0.2… Good choice?

lol…shoot. I thought replies linked right to the message u click. My bad…damn noobs

At this point let her continue flowering. And yes thats making a 2 year plant. Try for a 0-5-5 or 9-58-10 that should work and be a good choice.

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