Is my flower dying all of the sudden? Nutrient lockup or heat stress?

Hello, there.

I am a first time grower. I decided I put one White Widow seed in to the pot outside and see what happens. The more it started to grow, the more I adore it. So everything was quite fine until I returned from vacation a week ago. In the time of my absence, auto watering was doing its work. However, we had so much rain that this might be what was saving me all the time…

The thing is, we had a lousy summer. But the moment I returned back to a city, heat wave kicked in with 30 deegrees Celsium and over. Today it was 35+. Insane.

It started like a underwatering. Than it started to show nutrient lockups. Now, I read here that this might also be a sign of a heat wave stress.

Going deeper in to it, I bought PH and EC meter devices. PH is showing my tap water to be 7.4 which is too much. So, considering it might be a lockup I decided to try with flushing. I did this for two evening, yesterday pouring PH 6.0 with more than 50 liters (!). Washout was still only 7.3 and EC was down to 0.85 from 1.25 (aprox).

I was hoping today it might be a bit better but it seems even worse.
AM I LOOSING MY PRECIOUS? Argh… is this still salvageable? I hope for a miracle advice.
Thanks a million.

Starting to show bad news a week ago:

These were taken today, just few minutes ago. Of course, because of the extreme heat, the soil is pepper dry.

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What soil are you using you can get some dolomite lime and add to soil get ph down to 6.8 to 6.2 range and then start with your nutes and which one’s are you using you definitely appear to have a ph issue


Yes. It is normal for the lower parts of the plant to yellow and fall off as the plant matures. Yours is a bit excessive, but it’s not that far out of line. Get your pH issue squared away and you should be good.

pH can be difficult to manage in some soils. What soil are you using?

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Also next time try a 3 or 5 gallon fabric pot not sure how much drainage you have in that pot


That’s not normal yellowing. Something is off for sure. My plant has been flowering for 6 weeks, and I have had no leaves die. Some have slowly faded, but not like that.


The soil is some local high quality mix. It is not something cannabis special. It says “It contains an optimal blend of three of the highest quality natural humus-rich peats, with the addition of organic nutrients.”

Would you be so kind and elaborate on how to get the PH down in the soil? I was thinking that flushing won’t do it so… I guess If I buy something special to put in the soil? I am guessing I’d have to go and buy it tomorrow ASAP?

I did buy this after I planted it, for future use :slight_smile:
But the pot is a nice clay one. No plastic crap. It has a good drainage below. That is not an issue. I’m positive.

maybe nitrogen?


the best way to lower pH in soil is simply to put lower pH water into it when u water it. maybe try setting the pH of the water to like 6.2-6.3
just my thoughts

Yes, yes… I agree. Something is way off. So, I’ll ask again: how does one get PH in the soil down quickly and properly? I can only measure PH from washout because my device is Hanna’s model which only supports readout from the water.

Here’s the plan:

  1. get the PH down to 6.2 with some preparation
  2. washout should be proper PH or do I need to buy a PH for measuring soil?
  3. after PH is fixed, I should add nutrients

Is that good plan?
Nutrients at this stage, when it started with flower phase are an easy bloom set:
Monopotassium phosphate 65%
Calcium bi-carbonate 25%
Magnesium sulphate 10%

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I am watering it now with 6.0 and it does not bulge at all… washout was only down for -0.1 after 50 liters or so. That’s more than 10 gallons.

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It seems all of the above. :woozy_face:
This would indeed mean a lockout.

You can order this from Amazon and follow instructions it will lower soil PH


7.2 runoff isnt terrible…but for flower in soil, 6.8 is optimal. Here is ph down. You only use a drop or 2 at a time stir the water and test ph. Keep adding one drop until your ph number is reached. Personally, i would drench with 6.2 ph water, not flush. Let that 6.2 water saturate the soil. Then on your next watering same but with runoff and check ph and ppm.


Can you use that dolamite with the plants in the soil or is it something to use preplanting ? I have nearly same issues

I’m watering/feeding with 6.2 pH. But my soil pH won’t budge…it’s about 7.5 8… I’m loosing all kinds of leaves but that plant is budding so much better than others.

Ive been using this with good results. It helped a plant that was all turning lime green to start recovering in a few days.


Yeah you can top dress your soil with it

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For those operating under duress like myself, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of water. Repeat until at desired pH. You probably have some on hand. It’s not the best option, just the cheapest and you probably already have some.

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In case anyone needs to go up substitute a tsp. of white vinegar.


Ok I’ll stop smoking and reading and posting. Those are backwards. My apologies.