Is this a hemaphrodite?

I have a clone from a female AK 47 that I believe is a hermaphrodite. Can anyone tell me if I am correct? I just separated it from my other plants today. Did I leave it there too long? What would have made it change sex?

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Hi ! @Joy :innocent::relaxed:, even if the picture is blurr, it’s showing sign of hermaphrodite and maybe a pollen sac is open , however it’s not a very good focus picture, I maybe wrong. Someone with more experience in cannabis culture may can be more accurate then me… @MacGyverStoner, @latewood , @Hammer , @Majiktoker , @Aquaponic_Dumme

It’s really hard to tell from these pics. The bulbs at the base of the stems are female sex markers. Males or hermie look more like beans or another branch growing out of where they are already done branching. Did you see any flowers?



Looks like a banana horn in the third bottom right, it’s blurr so i’m really not sure, what do you think @Stomper

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Couldn’t really tell by the picture maybe this might help?

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The original plant this was cloned from looked different. This one started growing stigma when it was young. I didn’t notice any on the other plants until they were in the grow tent. That grow was my first so I’m not really that knowledgable.
I’ve been watching it closely in case there was something wrong with it. When I saw the ball like things I thought they were male flowers. I don’t remember any of these on the other plants.

I posted more pictures below in a reply. I also note that stigma formed really early and out of the grow tent. This is only my second grow so I’m not that familiar.
Some of the ball like things do have stigmas but others don’t.

Personally, I don’t see any sign she has turned on you. I don’t know if you are able, but is there any way you can edit the picture and circle the thing that has you concerned?

If not, it looks fine to me…


In this last picture I see no sign of hermaphrodite or male :innocent:

In your first picture, this is why I was uncertain, looks like a banana horn, but the photo was blurr…

I was typing in the same time of your response @Floridason :wink::innocent:lol

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Id have to agree with @FloridaSon here, see plenty of female pistils and no signs of hermie, although its hard to see in those pics

She’s still wearing a dress and heel’s… Lol
I don’t see anything that looks male…


Niall circled it for me, thanks! There are many of these but this is the main one I this picture I was trying to capture.


Yup all those bulbs have hairs in them and the pointy end. I think she’s just a little different lookin, more girly.


Thanks everyone. I almost threw her out! She’s going into,the flower tent tomorrow.

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I suggest you keep a close eye on it just in case

  • good luck

That is a female calax, swollen, your buds are made up of thousands of those, your in the clear @Joy, sorry @Niala tagged the wrong person


No wrong doing @Majiktoker , “au contraire mon ami” i’m glad to know your opinion :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:

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Sorry to barge in my friend, your plant looks like it’s just starting flowering. Your in pre flower and you might be confused as so which sex it is stilll. Those calyx’s forming at the nodes have pistols so it means it’s female.

I believe a hermie female plant (turning male) has to be in her latest stages of life. As she knows she is about to die, she triggers herself into self pollinating, which in return gives you female seeds.

The only natural water of doing this is to let the bud go as long as you can after the yellowing of leaves and the bud is so mature it naturally tries to reproduce.

The only down fall is you might not 100% get female seeds, although most likely you could. Have some patience my friend! Good luck

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Just an FYI, some plants absolutely can hermi early. True hermis can make male and female parts at the same time they start flowering.

And even males can reverse sex later and grow a ton of female buds. But this type of thing is usually seen more in regular, or not feminized seeds.

Also, it seems autos, even though feminized might be a little quicker to hermi depending on their environment and if stressed.

happy growing,