Hermie pics. Bananas?

]I’m cloning my pure sativa plants which are from seeds directly from India. Out of 10, I got only 3 definite females. The others are either definite males or hermies. This one I guess is a hermie with bananas, which I’ve never seen before except in pics. I’m also wondering why so many are turning male or hermie. I’m wondering if cloning, rooting, then 12/12 light to clone, could be stressing them maybe the mother plant won’t be hermie.

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Good question. But many people clone to sex early so I don’t think that would stress it enough. I also just cloned and put directly into flower without letting the roots form first… and I don’t have a herm. It turned out to be female. And I’ve had a herm before too…I think it’s mostly genetics imo.

I have a photo that might help…

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This was from my herm thread…

Just found something cool.

A phenotypic difference is the appearance of fully defined male flowers at the beginning of flower production verses the appearance of a male stamen in a female pistil dominate flower after flower production had been initiated. A True hermaphrodite has both fully formed male and female sex morphology at the same time of flower induction. Photos included below.

True herm

Stress induced

So mine was a couple weeks into flower=true, not stressed. So I’m going to chop it. I don’t want to risk pollination of other plant.


So to me yours looks like a true, genetic herm…

Looks like a hermi to me or a male all together but I don’t have my glasses right not get a clear look
@Majiktoker can you take a look with those young eyes :eyes: bud lol
Or @garrigan62 if your around


@Countryboyjvd1971 There are pistils above it…

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Yes looks like little bananas and you have a hermie plant sorry for the bad news

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Would a hermie pollinate itself and create seeds?

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@TheDuke yes a hermie can pollinate its self and create seeds, the breeding trlerm for that or breeding any plant with itself is called “Selfing”

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@ Majiktoker.

is correct and i agree it’s a hermie i’d just get rid of it


@Majiktoker thats interesting, are the seeds just chance for male/fem/herm from a Selfie?

im not planning on trying it, just interested

You’ll get one of 4 things.

  1. Male and female seeds (regular seeds)
  2. Hermaphrodite seeds
  3. Feminized seeds
  4. Any seeds you get from them since they won’t be stably bred will like show many variations

@TheDuke hope this helps clarify

Thanks. That’s about what I thought. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was interesting that the bananas seemed to be coming out of the female pod that usually shows the hairs. I decided to kill all the males, hermies, and their clones. So out of 11 seeds (all I planted) germinated, only 3 were true females. I got 3 female Sativas, and their 3 clones, which I then planted into 3 of the male 5 gal. buckets. It took over a month to sex them, and one is still holding out. But I think it’s turning male. I rooted them first for 2 weeks under 18/6 lights, then 12/12 lights. I also started doing more like 14 off 10 on, trying to get them going. I’m hoping this didn’t hermie some.

Last summer, I planted 9 Sativa seeds and got 4 females. I didn’t sex them, and got 9 huge 8’ tall very crowded plants. I didn’t find out the sex until October. Bummer. Next year, I’ll probably buy feminized seeds.

Two other dispensary seeds I cloned and sexed turned out female, luckily. Moonshine Haze, and Spice. So I also have 2 more of those. But they don’t want to revert back to veg cycle. They’re only about 10" tall full flowering. I even put them all on 24 light for one day, after the 12/12. Now all outdoors.