Photos of a hermie

Some weeks ago I moved four plants that all hermied outdoors. The plants have continued to mature, but I have seen little evidence of male flowers. Close inspection today revealed what I think is the current status of male blooms. The first photo shows two tiny yellow fingers in a cola (lower center). I suppose this is what is meant by “bananas”? I found three of these on the plant, and removed them with tweezers.

But the bud looks largely unharmed by the male flowers. Picture two shows the “harm”. I believe it is a nearly mature seed embedded in the cola (a little right of center). I can only find one of these so far.

Assuming that a fertilized hermie is genetically female, these would seem to be feminized seeds. If there are just a few, it seems like a feature and not a fault. I would be interested in comments.

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I don’t believe they are going to be feminized. If anything they could be either male, female or hermi. I don’t think they all would be feminized

My thinking is that the plant cannot change its DNA. And a female plant, regardless of its behavior from stress, still has female DNA. But, it seems possible that the strain naturally has a tendency to go hermie.

But I am no geneticist…

How long has this plant been in flower? I heard once that some plants when they get close to finish or are post finish can produce seeds and those seeds are female. @latewood may be able to help us on this one.

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The plant was switched to 12/12 eight weeks ago. It’s kind of long, but it got moved outside where it’s been chilly. The plant that stayed inside is much further along. I think it’s not really late because the buds are only now beginning to take off, and there’s no amber in the trichomes.

It turns out there is lots to ready about herm seeds online. Everyone has a different opinion. It looks like they will be female but may be prone to herm. Reading suggests good feminized seeds are made similarly but under better controls so they are unlikely to herm.

I suppose it’s possible that, when all is said and done, I will find a lot more seeds than I imagine.

That’s what I heard about the seeds. That second picture actually looks like it has a few seeds there. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get good female seed. Onl;y bad thing is that the seeds take potency away from the bud.

My two cents on the subject… had quite a few hermied plants over the years. Never once did a seed from those plants produce a male. Always female. One of the herms impregnated an Afghan by accident and I ended up with Super Skunk Afghan. Called it Super Afghan.(original, right?) Same with Gold Leaf.Called it Super Gold. Lol! Aaaaand they were awesome! Just my experience.


All cannabis strains can hermie.


Even if you tend to produce hermie plants, and have been lucky; There is no guarantee that seeds produced will be female. None at all.

It will always a he said, she said, he said too kind of issue. However; The truth is; NO guarantee for hermie produced seeds to be female. FYI.

Good Luck with you seeds. I hope they do well for you. We will all be watching.

Happy growing, lw :slight_smile:


Totally agree latewood. :+1::beer:

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