I think it a Boy

I am having a hard time telling the sex of some of my plants. A couple I knew for sure were males, No doubt about it. A couple of others I thought they were Hermes’s but this was a clone that I started form a plant that I thought wasn’t going to make. To My surprise it actually turned around and gave me an awesome cola about 14"long. it had just a couple of seeds at the base of a few buds, so I thought I could assume that it was a female. Now when looking over my crop I came across this one if the back and i believe it a male. Please tell me I’m wrong

Thanks for everyone’s time, This group is great

Here are the pics, in the last pic you can see the plant marker #8. these are some other clones from original plant

I think I understand what you’re saying, but it’s my understanding that if you clone a plant, those clones will be the same gender as the original plant. No way to get males from a female plant. I have heard of hermies on rare occasions, but I thought there would still be female buds. If the plant does pollenate itself I thought that you’d get feminized seeds in the buds.

All of my plants are under 18/6 light right now. I don’t think is starting to flower,