Is there such a thing as "too long in veg?"

Into my first grow. Room taking longer than desired to set up (lights and vent delayed - no stock.
I am growing 3 girls under fluro as a temp set-up until lighting arrives.
They are clones that I have adopted. Been in veg in 5 gal tubs for about 2 weeks - healthy at 9" tall.

My questions:

  1. Can a plant be held in veg for an extended period of time if cared for and tended carefully?

  2. I feel like without MH lighting - they are missing out. Am I wrong in this thinking?

  3. Was looking to get 2-3 weeks under MH. That would push total veg time to around 6-7 weeks.
    I was considering topping to make use of the extra time - to keep it down and increase yield down the track. I know it’s not ideal - but I am looking to do the best for my girls.

Any comments appreciated!


Hey Budz,

  1. Yes, I’ve kept plants in veg for over a year when wanted. As long as they are not autos of course.

  2. No you are not wrong, MH will provide for faster and better growth than flouros

  3. Topping is a great way to decrease heights and allow more veg time without getting too tall and increase yields, no reason not to.


Thanks Hellraiser! Damn! 3 for 3!!!

  1. Excellent.
    No, these are photoperiod - 3rd or 4th gen I think…
    That will give me 3 mothers to select for clones. Was tossing up between veg clones or wait and go Monster. Possibly both - but space will be a challenge.
    In your situation - was the girl you kept for a year nominated as your ‘mother’?

  2. So glad my thinking is along the right lines. As this is my first run, I thought it better to avoid other forms of LST and try to keep trimming to a minimum. I suppose that the extra veg time also provides a safety net to recover.

Thanks again for the response!!

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Yes, it was mothers that I’ve kept for a year, my usual plants get a 8-10 week veg time usually.


What? What haven’t you done! I can’t imagine the yield off those…am not asking. :slight_smile:


They were clone mothers, kept small by constant trimming and not feeding too much, not much bigger than our plants will be when they start flowering.

This favorite of mine was almost 2 years old when I retired her by flowering her out for one last harvest, her main stem was as almost as thick as my wrist, yielded almost 8oz with 3 other plants in the tent.


That is a serious tree!
I had wondered if there was a limit to age on the mother - if there was a decline in quality at any point. I’ll probably take some clones in a couple of weeks and get them cracking along. Very interested in the monster cropping - I didn’t think clones worked if taken in flower - but reading has taught me otherwise.

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I was just informed today that these babies are Lemon Haze - I was under the impression they were Hawaiian Snow. The origin is seeds from the US 10 or more years ago.
I will have to consider the height more so when I start topping.

That GG grow report you did is excellent - still getting through it!

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Works fine, just need to reveg them, I do so with 24/0 light.


Is it a never ending cycle - or do you eventually end up with a gimp?

I understand that reveg clones can go quite feral, if you run the cycle again, is there another gain in size and harvest?

Do you ever give them a break when on 24/0 or is that a stress intentionally caused to strengthen/ enhance the plant?

If I ask too many questions, just throw something at me!

There have been reports of people like the strain hunters keeping plants in the veg state for 30+ years to be used as moms

That is crazy! But great to know. I have some amazing Lemon Haze sativa - it can be tracked back 10 or more years - it’s that good. Would love to keep it going in it’s most usable form.

I’ve had no problems with clones or even revegged clones going gimpy. The only issue is that revegged plants can grow too many branches but easily controlled with trimming.

I do 24/0 lighting for clones and seedlings mostly to keep temps warm and stable for a couple weeks til clones root and seedlings get past the tiny critical stage, I see it as less stress because temps don’t fluctuate and they’re not getting cold at night. For revegging, 24/0 gets them back to the veg state the fastest, when they start showing new veg growth than light is taken down to 18/6.

Excellent. Really good to know. I understand your logic on the reveg. I was going to top these girls as well - they get quite leggy. So bud sites should not be an issue. Sounds like Scrog will be the way to go to keep them under control.
I am hoping that my ambients will play in my favour. I had these in a clone tent in our winter and a night min of 18deg C and 60+% in the tent was effortless. My issues are going to be at the back end - getting into our summer so temps and humidity spike.
Have you tried a heat pack under yours to bump up the ambient? That way they could sleep… Probably an issue you sorted long ago - but as a newbie, I’m interested - because I will clone these and would like a decent strike rate.

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Never used a heat pack or mat, I just use the light as the source of heat, without the exhaust running, it keeps my tent at a perfect 75F.