Is there somthing wrong with tap water

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to this and just trying to get my feeding schedule down, I’m using tap water (adjusting ph )and my pen is saying 160 before I add anything… My question is do I still keep the ppms between 700,950 for the beginning of flower. Or can I run it over since there’s somthing already in the water. And also is it OK to use ph, d tap water?

My ppm,supposed to say

I am just curious what kind of nutes are you using, does it have a feeding schedule, tap water needs to sit a day or 2 to let the chlorine evaporate

I’m using ff trio, Calmeg,and I hadn’t been letting my water sit for a day, but will start now, thanks,

Thanks @Deal

How would I know it sat long enough? Is a day or 2 always enough. I

I would follow the schedule the foxfire gives for feeding, not worry about the extra ppm’s in your tap water

Here ya go.

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To be honest with you, you need to go online to your water department and look at their water test, some use Chlorine some use chlorimid or something like that , chlorine evaporators pretty fast , most evaporators when running out of the tap, the other, chorimid or what ever it’s call does not evaporate, lot of people here do use tap water though

K,Thank you both for the response@Deal,@Mr peat and the schedule, I’m going to follow that and let my water sit, just to be safe, until find out somthing different, My plants look fine, just wanting them to stay that way.Peace and Happy Growing!

Honestly if you can get a PUR Water-filter for your tap…your plants will love you for it. I tried letting a 5 gallon bucket sit for 1 week and it didn’t help. It smells of Chlorine but its the other one they use. The PUR works perfectly for me and our water isn’t regulated by the Texas Water Board. So one day the water will be brown with a bunch of unknown chips which looks like paint chips and the next time you use it can be clear.

What all this means is they could literally charge us $10,000 per gallon and not a damn thing we can do about it. Sure a lawsuit would be applied real fast. This also means they do not regulate the water quality so its a crap shoot every time you get water.


Very good, I actually was wondering about a purifier or somthing of the sort,. I definatly will look for that one you suggested, Walmart maybe?@Deal, thanks again,

I got the r o buddy from Amazon for my water, was very much for the 2 stage model just because I didn’t want to take the chance, the other one mentioned would work fine to, with the r o water I have to stay on top of the calmag

I get mine from Walmart as its easier. :+1::+1::+1:

Cool I like easy, I tend to complicate things sometimes, Thanks @MrPeat

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My understanding is you include native water ppm in total.That is one reason why so many growers us RO or distilled water. The mineral content is virtually zero which allows more room for nutrients.