Is there an issue here?

If it was a light issue they would be stretching, they stay with 2-4 leaves while They build roots. Give them some time to get the roots established and they should take off.

What’s your temps?

A steady 77 during light and about 63-65 during dark.

They are looking fine. I would keep doing what you’re doing. A few weeks in you will think damn what an idiot I was for doing (input you’re mistake here) lol. They won’t seem to do much while those roots are being formed. Good luck as there are plenty of examples and lessons on this site. Very helpful people as well! Keep reading and Best of luck!

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So I have a couple of 32 watt CFL bulbs and a couple of desk lamps. Would I be better off setting those up above my seedlings? The heat that the LEDs are generating is welcomed in my cold basement, but it really saps the humidity (down to the mid 30s)! Here they are after 6 hours of dark when the humidity reac

hed the high 50s.

They are doing fine. Just take a step back and let them do their thing. Himidy in the 30s is fine mine gets that low and they don’t have a problem. I just put domes over them once in a while. Sometimes I dont. If u want higher humidity cut a water bottle in half spray the inside of it and stick it over and just lift it up and put it back down to change out the air once a day


This can’t be right.

On the upside, here’s my other one.

Sorry I just got on i was messing with my girls. U can check them out on my post. But the leaves are curing probably cuz they are drying out. They are small and if the humidity isn’t higher sometimes the curl from being dry and under the light. Or if your misting them the ester can act as a magnifying glass and mess them up. I think I suggested to put domes on them. Usually I don’t dome them myself but I do if the humidity isn’t high if they are within there first week. Try putting some domes on them misting the sides of the dome should help out . Those leaves most likely won’t recover but new growth with come in


When you say most the dome, do you mean the outside?

The inside.cut a water bottle in half. Put a couple.small holes in it so it can get air. Spray the inside of the bottle. But bottle over the sprout. When you don’t see any water in the inside spray it again.

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Right on. Thanks! There’s quite a bit to this stuff.

It gets easier.

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So is that how you water the seedlings as well or is that in addition to watering? Is there any sort of time of the day that is better for watering?

At night usually before the lights turn off.

So water and do the dome thing or do the dome thing as the watering?

Do the dome thing. And do a little bit of water in the soil around the plant like a circle.

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Thank you very much.

Here they were this evening. How far should my lights be away from the little guys?

I am getting ready to add another SF-1000. I started a Blue Dream seed in a coco coir peat cup yesterday.