Is there a way to feminize seeds

I usually buy feminized seeds, but I got some seeds here, that came from generations, and I would like to keep the variety going. I can not buy seeds like that, I only have 7 seeds of it left. They are not feminized, I hope there is at least 1 male and female to make it work. My question is, is there any way I can feminize the seeds after male polinate female. I ve heard commercial growers use some chemical solutions. Anything can be done for home growers? Please share you experience. Thanks

Read up on colloidal silver for creating feminized seed.


@Alenka. This might be a good read

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Thanks, I appreciate it

Maybe also try cloning

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If you want to keep the genetics going and you get a male and female; just allow nature to take it’s course and pollinate them. A ‘regular’ female cannabis plant is far superior to any feminized plant you could produce IMO. Vigor, health, yields all exceed feminized.


I think you might be right. Maybe I should just let it happen for the seeds, and every growing season just sort all the mails out when they start showing their sex. Maybe that’s why it is so good, because it came from a strong, not feminized female.

On the off chance that your 7 seeds don’t produce a successful pairing, you can look at Silver Thiosulfate solution, which seems to be more effective than colloidal silver at inducing male flowers in XX plants. Odds are in your favor, but things happen.

I always like to note that the chemicals used to reverse male and female plants should render those plants hazardous to ingest. The seeds should be okay once you grow them out. It sorta makes sense to take a small clone and reverse that, instead of trying to reverse a larger plant or a branch of a larger plant.


I would opt to go the regular seed route too. If the genetics are near and dear to you make a seed run. It will likely produce hundreds of seeds, then you can grow out a female plant and go through process of making feminized seeds with one of them.