Feminized seeds, how are they created

Can someone explain how female seeds are created? I’ve always been curious.

Growers use colloidal silver or sodium thiosulfate to produce male flowers on a female plant. Pollen is taken from those male flowers and is used to pollinate a female plant, which will then produce feminized seed.


Cool, thanks. I figured it had to be some kind of chemical process.

Is the colloidal silver applied to stem of. Female plant?

Correct. It is usually sprayed on branches.

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Wow ,it’s not complicated at all.

Always wondered

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Liner note doing this makes the bud unsafe to smoke


Also, all female plants will “banana” if left to over rippen unseeded. Every cannabis strain will do this as a way to self seed or self preservation. At least every strain I have ever tried it on. The banana is an underdeveloped male flower without petals. Just a stamen that looks phallic, or like a lil banana. Some strains do this easier than others, but they all can.

This method is called Rodelization. Very frequently confused for hermaphroditism. (Unless you consider spraying with silver hermaphroditism rather than feminizing.) The seeds will also be feminized just like silver spray. This was how the Dutch breeders did it before the colloidal silver spray or the sodiumthiosilver spray hit the scene.