Can you make feminized seeds from feminized seeds using Colloidal silver

I have a female plant from a regular seed and another from a feminized seed. I want to use colloidal silver to create feminized seeds, but I’m not sure if the plant from the seed that was already feminized will work for this process.

Can anyone clarify if feminized plants can be used for producing feminized seeds with colloidal silver without any issues?

Colloidal silver will generate male flowers on a female plant. The resulting pollen can be used to pollinate a female, which will then produce feminized seeds.

Silver thiosulfate accomplishes the same thing.


If the plant is already feminized it won’t change anything? I wasn’t sure if it would cause hermis or anything.

Also can you cross one strain to the other using two females and get all feminized seeds of that new cross strain?

Doesn’t matter. I’ve not seen any data that indicates it promotes hermie.


Great thank you, Hope you’ve been well man!

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Unrelated but what typically causes leaves to make the taco shape like this?

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Heat stress


Is that leaf off the bottom of the plant?

It’s the second set of real leaves from the bottom

It’s not unusual for the lower leaves to develop problems. I wouldn’t worry about it so long as it isn’t on the rest of the plant.

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