Is rehydrating possible?

I had my cut buds hanging and drying in a tent and the humidity was at 70 and above. So I put a small heater in the tent. When ever the heater was off the humidity went up. One night after noticing the humidity at 71 I turned the heater on overnight and most of the next day. The morning after I decided to jar the buds I found the buds as dry as my throat after smoking a good joint. I put the buds in jars anyway and packed it with humi-paks. Before I put the packets in the humidity was at about 30. Will the humi-paks rehydrated the buds so that they can cure or am I just pissing in the wind with hope. Please don’t tell me that 6 months of grow is down the drain.

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Do you have any wet/living leaf available?

I have stuck a leaf in to the bag/jar to bring up moisture.

Moist… I love that word. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When I want/need to rehydrate my buds I put a new moistened sponge into an unsealed plastic bag (so the moist sponge won’t touch the buds) and leave it until the buds are at the moisture content that I want. Many folks use fan leaves and other fruit pieces like apple or citrus peels. I prefer the moist sponge because I can control it better and it does not add any flavor.


You can lay the buds out in a small space where it is easy to control humidity, then use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain humidity in the space at 60% for a couple days. The buds will reabsorb the moisture from the air, then you can put them back in jar.

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I like the sponge. I’ve used orange peel before. Be very careful of mold whichever method you choose.
And in Hindsight never use a heater to dry (unless it’s a small few buds to test a grow, Then toss them in a fry pan on low.)

As per @Newt , celery is an excellent choice.


Correct. Adds no flavor, and doesn’t mold - ever.


Can’t speak about the paks, but breathing on the weed or mixing with newer wetter weed works for now.
I tried apple slices once, but the weed may have been bad or the apple was (Eve gave it to me). Currently, I just add more wet to increase humidity or open jar to dry.
Just jared some 63% (desired, but was 68%) and Grove Bag the same
Neither moved in jar or bag after a few days, so I opened for the night.
63and 65% in all, now.

I cut a bud from a lower branch put it in a jar with the dry stuff and check every day and shake jar just like curing. After it has picked up enough moisture i take out the bud I put in [tie a string to it so you know which one] then I leave in sealed jar and cure all over again till it reaches the right moisture again.
I find doing it this way preserves flavor.

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If you are in a pinch cut a piece of paper towel about 2*2 inches dampen it and put it in the jar or bag and seal and monitor humidity. The bigger the bag the longer it will take because there is alot more to soak up humidity. This method brings up humidity slow and steady

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This works great for me too @Medicineman33. I do this with Dispo weed when I run out of my grow and have to go. The weed I get from them is usually overdry and turns to dust by mashing it up with your fingers. Small papertowel moistened in the grove bag for a week and it is like new bud.

That’s what I do also.

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I remember you saying that brother.

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Ya i really like the rate it rehydrates at cuz its easy for me to manage around my schedule

Appreciate it yall, the paper towel is working already!

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I just used a fresh bud, to increase the RH, slowly and monitored, 63-66.