Is my soil blend ok?

I juat recently repotted these two into new soil that is a mix of two soils i got at my local greenhouse. They are Espoma organic mix and Espoma Land and sea blend.

The Espoma Organic mix had worm castings, alfalfa meal, feather meal & kelp meal

The Espoma land and Sea blend is made of composted vegetables, trees, flowers and shrubs, with Lobster and crab meal added.

I mixed both of them with a pinch of bone meal and blood meal.

I hope this will bring these back to a good color!


Hi, Epsom’s potting mix would be their best for potted plants because soil for container gardening and raised-beds have more drainage or aeration. Seems like high quality stuff. Dont let it turn to mud and packed or overwatered and should be good


If they don’t darken up over a couple of weeks, work some worm castings or bat quano in the top. They probably wouldnt mind the Nitrogen.


Dont know, but if the ph is right im hitting it with nitrogen asap


I’ve got some new tops popping up after i topped and repotted them. Hope this is a good sign!

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The color is coming back! All if this new growth is looking darker green so far! I have ten little tips coming out on this one branch! I think im stopping the topping at this lol