Is my plant becoming a hermaphrodite and what should be my best step?

The plant in question is on the right. It’s a femailized purple haze seed bought from this site.
I am noticing what I believe is male body parts.
The problem here is the Obama OG on the left is female.

Is my purple haze plant a hermaphrodite? Should I remove her? Kill her? Harvest for use? Throw her away?
Is it a total loss?
Last picture shows both plants next to each other.
The other three pictures are of the plant in question. One picture shows a close-up of what I believe to be male parts.

If it was a female seed, how did this happen? I don’t remember doing anything to stress it.

What should I do now?

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I don’t see any boy parts. Just swollen female calyxes.



All girl from what i can see

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Just so you know in the future the female calyx will have a couple pistils coming out of them. It throws a lot of new growers to see a ball like sac on their plants but if you know the difference you wont worry in the future.
Here is a blow up of your pic with arrows pointing to the pistils.