3 marijuana questions

3 questions from a fellow grower:

Ok, I have three questions for you. Several purple haze plants (seeds bought from you, of course) turned hermaphroditic and seeded some of the lower parts of the plant. My first question is this: does one pollen grain equal one seed, or does one pollen grain seed an entire bud with multiple seeds? My second question is: will the resulting seeds be feminized so that I can use them and expect only female plants in the future?! My third question: Does the purple haze strain have a tendency for being hermaphroditic? I’m trying to figure out why this is happening. Maybe they’re being stressed from episodes of (overly) heavy nutrients or lighting inconsistencies that I’ve had, but I really can’t figure it out. All of the buds developing male flowers/pollen sacs are on the lower third of the plant. Thanks in advance you guys!

Stress of various types can contribute to causing hermaphrodites. Feminized seeds might have a slightly higher chance of producing hermaphrodites. I have grown the purple haze and personally have not had problems with hermaphrodites.

It is impossible to say how many seeds will be produced by a hermi-flower releasing it’s pollen, but it could surely create many more than just one seed, each flower could release a very large number of pollen grains. And any pistillate/calyx that gets some of that pollen will produce a seed.

The resulting seeds should be feminized, possibly with a slightly higher chance of hermaphroditic tendencies themselves.

Not to mention; Stress of many different types can cause plants to hermie. If you would fill out a support ticket. We may find the root of the issue.


Questions of this type are hard to answer without the pertinenet info needed to make an informed decision.