A question from a fellow grower:

I have one particular plant that I think is hermaphrodite but I’m not sure. It’s the TALLEST one of the bunch and has some odd nodules that I can’t figure if their pollen sacs or idk. (Sorry about the background. I have them in my closet for the smell lol!) Attached photos.
Also attached are another plant, has purplish leaves. I’m just curious about possible strain? All of these seeds are from my bag, so none are known.

Yes the weird looking ones are of a hermaphrodite plant. It looks like they may have already spilled some pollen even, by the looks of one of the leaves below the flowers.

Seeds are from your bag? Street bag seed? No way of knowing what strain it is, and it probably isn’t any specific strain. The purpling may only show that your seeds lineage does have some purple tendencies. If you attempted to refine this through a long breeding process you could create your very own strain, but that is about all that can be said about any purple leaves on these specific plants, if the bag they came from was not of a known specific strain, then at least they should grow into about as good as smoke as the bag they came from.