Is my girl flowering early?

My ‘Alien Apparition’ seems to be developing pistils but the plant doesn’t look mature. She still looks pretty young & bare (see pic below), even though she’s a sativa.

She’s growing in all organic cannabis soil (worm castings, bat guano, perlite, lime, labs, Alaskan peat moss, etc.). She also gets Fox Farms Big Bloom organic fertilizer every other watering (4 tablespoons for 1 gallon of water).

I’m not exactly sure how she was when I got her, but she is roughly in Veg Week 8-10. She gets roughly 3-4 hours of direct southern daylight and 3-4 hours of indirect light.



@bluntley420 there was no pic?

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Look like preflowers. She’s getting there. Looking great! I’m following along.

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she looks like she is going to be short and stocky…lol @bluntley420 that is the way i like them…
she will still double,if not triple in size during flower…and yea she has started looks like!


Is that a sunflower I see in there? That thing is a pretty heavy feeder. It’s not helping your pot plant at all.

Is Alien Apparition a small strain? At 8 or 10 weeks, I’d expect a much larger plant. Also your sunlight is really limited. Are your days that short or is it just in a bad spot? More would be better.

In any event, you’ll get a nice harvest eventually and enjoy being self-reliant!

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I think it’s a marigold, which is excellent at keeping pests away. Not sure how it affects soil being in the same pot.

Also clover or oregano?


What about the broad leafed thing in the lower right of the last 2 pics? I bet it’s competing with the pot plant.


How sweet is she…I can’t wait to see her at her peak!

@Bige I’m glad to hear it! I was really starting to wonder about her growth there for a while. I kept telling myself that it’s just the way sativas grow? lol

@PhantomFarmer It is a sunflower. They are supposed to attract beneficial mites as well as flower bugs which eat spider mites, fungus gnats and scales. I didn’t think it would ‘harm’ anything. I figured it would be good for a symbiosis sort of think. As for light, unfortunately we just live in a tree covered area. I gave them the sunniest spot I could. As I mentioned, they are growing pretty slowly due to that fact. And you are right about her age. I was mistaken. She is around week 6-7

@Whodat66 There is also marigold in there for pest repellant as well as clover for nutrients, nitrogen and soil protection. It also traps moisture with its shallow roots.

@Tr33 Thanks! More pics coming soon…

Here are my other 2 and more preflower

(Please disregard the janky wire set up lol will be fixed VERY soon)


I think it’s great! If cover crops have benefits, I would just check to see what they subtract from the soil in case you need to add it. More water is easy, but specific nutrients could be a mess to figure out.


Good call!

@bluntley420 You could be right about the benefits of the sunflower. I grow the Russian Giant strain and they get 10’ tall with an enormous root ball. The good news is that your plants are obviously doing fine. Possibly if you do the sunflower next year they could be in the ground or a separate container. I think I’ll try some sunflower companions next year.

Great work on this years crop!


Look at the cute young lady, she is in puberty already :wink::wink::wink:

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Hi everyone. I am a newbie indoor grower. I have placed my plants in 12/12 light sched 2 weeks ago. I am just not sure if my plants are female or male.

I’ve read some articles about sexing cannabis but I am not able to tell my plants’ gender personally. I hope someone could help me in determining their gender :raised_hand:t2:

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Welcom to the forum! It looks pretty feminine to me, but someone else will be along to second that. Those things are small and difficult to get on camera comapared to your eyes. 2 weeks on the 12/12 schedule looks about right to go in to flower. There are other factors that determines when she shows, how long she was vegged for, and strain. Hope this helps! I’m also a first time grower, and indoors. This forum is phenomenal wealth of information and help.

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Really? Thanks! I do hope they are both girls. I am not sure about the strain, It’s just from my collection of bag seeds. I call them xp kush because I am still “xperimenting” right now :grin:. I vegged them for about 6 weeks.

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@XPKush I jut finished week 7 myself, you’d be surprised how many grow bag seeds and don’t know the strain. It’s kind of exciting I think.

Welcome here, the first one is a girl, the second looks like a boy , but Iam not sure yet, give it a few days…
Happy growing …