Is my entire drying room contaminated?

What a long summer !!!if I didn’t enjoy watching these ladies do their thing plus the stinky goodness that is produced I would just give up!! Battled horrible spring weather , ph issues, thrips, leaf hoppers I swear every big in New England, only to be slapped by stupid tropical storm Jose so close to the glorious end!! Inevitable bud rot which happened fast, thanks to all knowledgeable folks I did all the right things and have successful harvested
Most of my gals even if they are a little early,
Thanks for letting me vent… Question is my bro who has a traumatic brain injury decided to help and harvested one of my few plants left today while I was at work he and hung it in my drying roomwhich already had buds that I had carefully gone thru, de bud rotted and soaked in peroxide wash, I pulled it down and just trimmed it and found multiple locations of the dreaded rot, What should I die is the room contaminated ? I am growing mostly for my bro who has a severe seizure disorder from his injury and is
Having another brain surgery in Nov I don’t want him to get sick, Thanks for any feedback and comments

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Sounds like your having an issue with humidity being to high and little to no airflow

This grow was outside and yes I had a ton of humidity due to severe tropical storm we had 4 inches of rain in a day I did move my plants into garage with multiple fans it was still pretty damp

How long was the other bud hanging? I think you will need a botanist to answer this one. Hope it ends well for you and your bro!

If it’s not too wilted, give it a peroxide wash and I’ll bet you’ll be fine.

Can’t you make oil by mixing it with a solvent? Cook it in a double boiler after mixing it with a solvent and straining it?

I think the concern is the mold that is still present. @Fever, unless I’m missing something? Pretty easy, because I’m getting baked haha!

290 degrees I didn’t t know one of us should look it up lol

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You first! I’m too high! And I have to grill steaks too! Hahaha.


i,ve never bad to do it but it sounds like a sulfer burn is what you need

I would suggest decarbing the whole crop at 225 F for 45 minutes on cookie sheets. That should kill all the mold. Then if you are paranoid, keep it frozen until use. Almost nothing can grow at freezer temperatures and some growers claim this is perfect long term storage.

Sulfur would work but you won’t want to smoke it later.

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