Is it time for my harvest?

Hello. I believe I’m close, if not ready, to harvest.
The trics seem pretty cloudy, at least a good portion of them, maybe? Here are some pics of its state, as of today. Hopefully you can tell something from the pic of the tricomes. Tough to take a pic with my phone thru my supposed 60x loupe. I can try another one, if needed. The hairs look good, but I’m unsure of the state of cloudiness on trics.
I mainly ask because the weather is turning fast where I live. We will be getting down to low 40s and high 30s in the next week. Wondering if it’s far along enough to harvest. I’m going for as much cloudiness that I can get. Thanks!!!


I still see lots of clear trichs. I would wait till you see a few amber before you harvest.

I thought so as well. Thanks for confirmation.
Should I worry about the chilly weather at night? Should I bring it in during evenings to a dark room?

You should be good. Might bring out some nice colors


As long as it’s not freezing she should be fine. The cold will bring out some nice fall colors.

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Is it advisable to take different parts of the plant as they seem ready. The buds on the bottom of my Medi Haze plant seem to be ahead of the top buds. What do you think? Thanks!

Neither one looks ready, but yes, you can take different parts of the plant as they become ripe and leave the rest.

You should wait for the pistils to turn brown and shrivel up, then start checking the trichomes for ripeness.


I know people that like to harvest when amber trichomes are running between 10-20% of the plant. But it’s about preference of effect. For me I tend to like 60-80% amber.

You can harvest the plant in sections. But as most people here are saying, make sure you are checking the trichomes.

OK & for the advice!

Hey, thanks for that info. Here’s a photo from today … what do you think? Are they about ready? Thank you!

I would say more time. If you have a loupe and can see what the trichomes look like. That’s your answer.

Also it’s not just the top colas, get a sense of what mid-level buds are looking like. You may not want to harvest all at once.

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Thanks for that!

Milky heads, 40%ripe,its not time. 2-3weeks

I expect the same response as most folks gave to Svanhoe but here is my pic and the same question.

It’s time to invest $10 in a Jeweler Loupe as at 60x magnification, you won’t have to ask nor guess when your girl is ready. Best investment in my eyes.

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