Is it safe to smoke bud that has been treated with neem oil

I had to use neem oil to kill off spider mites at the beginning of flowering. I just harvested first plant, trimmed, dried, and now curing in jars. I also washed the weed prior to drying.

When I opened jars this morning there was a neem scent in the jars. I rolled one up and blazed and I’m incredibly medicated right now, glued to the chair.

Is it safe to smoke bud that was treated with neem oil?
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Please anybody chime in


That is a good question @SourD I’m interested in the responses you’ll get, looks as though I will be in need of neem oil soon

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@SourD and @greenthumbfun

Follow this link it’s right up both of your alley’s



Man it works I can say that just want to know if it’s ok to smoke

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Thankx @garrigan62 this is a big help. :smile:

I thought the both of you could use that info…feel better now ? lol

Will joint


Neem oil makes weed taste nasty. If you use it, you must give the weed a ahower in tepid water and then place plant in front of many fans to dry off residual dampness quickly.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thanks. As long as I don’t kill myself I can live with it and learn as I go


I feel better if I’m not causing harm other than some hurt taste buds