Bromide neem oil pesticide fungicide

I was wonder if anyone has any experience with this product ?
Manufacturer says it’s safe to use up to the day before harvest.
Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have used it. I wouldn’t spray it on your plant after week 4 of flower. Some say don’t use it during flower at all.


Thanks for the advice.

I use neem oil all through veg. It’s a godsend. Never used it in flower. I’ve heard it imparts some horrible flavors.

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I luckily have one plant that I don’t know what strain it is. I’m gonna go for it and see what happens.
I don’t smoke it. so the taste probably won’t be an issue. And if it sucks. I’ll give it away. Have enough plants to cover the loss of one. Thanks for the info.

Great thread! I have a gallon I haven’t used only because I was able to eradicate a mite re-infestation at infancy stage with liquid ladybug after wiping out an entire crop! Thanks for the pointers about rancid flavor if applied to buds. Now I know not to use it in flower and to stick to liquid ladybug. maybe I’ll use it on the equipment and room surfaces should those ugly little bastards show their hungry little faces again!
I now inspect every day with a jewelers loop and haven’t seen hide not hair of them for months!
I got them by violating the rules moving outdoor plants inside during a severe storm last fall! For now on they go in the shed for weather events and I’ll be careful not to handle them then go inside and handle anything indoors!
Spider mites were created in hell!