Neem oil during flower outdoors?

I have a plant in pot. Goes outdoor in day indoor at night. I thought I seen a pinch of pm. So I neem oiled the leaves. Staying away from buds. Turns out it may be thripes. I believe I have seen 1. I believe the leaves support more of thripes than pm. Can I put neem in the soil as well? Again in flower. Otherwise the plant looks great.

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First, welcome to the forum!
My understanding is no neem oil in flower.
There are other ways though.
You can try captain jacks dead bug brew. Ladybugs are also a natural remedy.


ive never tried it, but have been told no neem on flowers.

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I also read NEEM OIL NO NO IN FLOWER. But I also read if your careful to keep away from buds it’s ok. Which I did. I hand painted it on all leaves BUT not ones with buds. Allowed nothing to drip at all. I did remove a few fan leaves I felt were better off gone. This plants so SPECIAL I hope she sheds the beasts

Correct. Not on flowers. I’m sure the taste would be altered.

I wouldn’t risk it personally. Jack’s Dead Bug Brew is approved for use during flower.