Is neem oil safe to use in flower stage

is neem safe to use in flower stage for a soil spray? 4 weeks into flower. seems to be lil white bugs. i got them before in one of my past grow (plant was still in veg) used neem and it fixed the problem. i got sticky traps i will add as well. any other suggestions would be appreciated… thanks!

im almost 99.9% they are Springtail! and i know they don’t do much harm from my understanding!

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Afraid not some say it’s not even safe during veg , not much is safe during flower except certain food based oils and captain Jack’s


Peppermint oil is a good choice for pest issues and as @GreenSnek mentioned jacks seems to be a good choice also.


I ended up spraying Neem oil on the soil. after the comments and what I have read another post should I try to flush the neem oil out?

captain jacks deadbug spray…effective

I will never use neem oil again.

@tanlover442 did u have a issue when using neem? If so what kind

didn’t work.

Did it affect the taste of your flowers? I ended up buying a bottle of capt. Jack