Is it ready to harvest? *Beginner*

Should i start harvesting when it’s milky or a little bit of amber? I started this Autoflower grow in October 28


Welcomed to the community @Artik_Haze

Still clear thricomes i will said couple weeks but is all about how you want you high :dash:

Happy growing :green_heart::metal:


Hey there @Artik_Haze , you have some time to go. Amber on sugar leaves does not count. You have some white pistils and clear trichomes on your buds. There are some amber on leaves, but trichomes on the BUDS need time to start to amber. Those BUDS will fatten up a bit more as well. If you chop now it’ll make you paranoid. First amber on BUDS is max potency. That’s when the trichs are mostly cloudy.


I would wait little longer, still white hairs sticking out, the one pic that’s has some Amber are sugar leaves, not the buds it self. They can by tricky

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I would ask again in two weeks.

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A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp


Awesome I appreciate the help guys :+1:

I see a lot of clear trichomes still maybe a few more weeks

@oldmarine has that link on speed dial!
Great advice.
This has to be the most common problem people have. But, remember that harvest timing is one of the best advantages we enjoy.

Not yet ready a few more weeks but looks great good work