Would you say this is done?

First time grower here. I am seeing more amber color now. Just wondering if it is ready?


Can you show a pic of the entire plant? And how long has she been in flower? Be sure when you are looking at the trichomes they are on the bud itself. The sugar leaves will show amber before the bud does.



It has been in flower stage for 6 weeks. Going on 11 weeks.


Then I’d say you probably have a few weeks left.
Still seeing some new pistil growth in ur pics.

Usually a couple weeks before the rest of the plant is ready.
Also wait for the pistils to mostly recede back into the buds.
Nice Lookin colas. :+1:


Couple to three weeks probably. Looks good! What strain?


I agree with @Borderryan22 @oldguy1 those ladies will get even more weight and be sticky Good. Happy Growing :blush::v:


I look for 15 to 20 percent amber on the tris before I pull them. Looks like that is still a week or 2 out. Earliest I like to pull there must be some amber involved. From what I understand there is a 5 day window. Pull early for energy pull late for couch.


I use this to guide me. Make sure you look at the trichomes that are on the bud itself and not the sugar leaves. The ones on the sugar leaves are alot faster to mature. Also, be sure you are looking about 1/3 of the way down the bud or more. Maturation runs from top to bottom. Plant looks great. Got 3 maybe even 4 weeks left. Have you decided weather you are going to flush your plant or not? If you are you will want to stop feeding in a week or two, and switch to straight water. :warning: likely to get competing responses weather you should or shouldn’t flush. Its growers choice, Im in the “do it” crowd.


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Plant looks great! Has some nice purple color to it. A few more weeks and it’s be some nice smoke :dash:

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I actually have started flushing a couple of weeks ago when I was told it looked like a few more weeks. Lol. It’s a learning curve for me. I appreciate all the help.

When it is time, Happy Harvest!