11 weeks into my very first Grow

Hey guys, havent posted in a while because the support you gave me from my previous posts has been very good. I wanted to see what you guys think of my plant 11 weeks in to make sure my plant is still looking good. I also have a question about the trichomes, mine have been clear/milky for about 5-6 weeks now, not sure if that is normal or not. I have been waiting for a few to turn amber so I know its time to harvest. A question i also have about that is if some of the buds are still milky but others are turning amber, do you still harvest the whole plant or just the parts that have turned amber?

Thanks everyone as always:

This is up to you, I harvest the whole plant, because I like the variety of clear, milky, white, and amber trichomes. Especially for edibles.
Some people chop the tops and allow the lowers to mature more. All are acceptable.


Looks like 2-3 weeks yet, you still have fresh pistols coming in, but wait for the experts.

Some plants never get to amber before harvest. Milky is fully mature. Amber is degraded trichomes. It’s a metric to help determine harvest window but actual potency goes down a bit as the flower bulks up.

I look at: the overall aspect of the plant. What the state of the pistils are (I want to see all white pistils turn, with one exception) and finally what a representative flower looks like. Lumpy from late-grow foxtails with white pistils sticking out of those (my one exception) and good mass.

Here’s an example of a ready to harvest flower:

And yeah; you can harvest in stages if you want. Sometimes it’s easier to just do the whole plant though.

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