Harvesting ready?

The bud is kinda sorry looking but should i harvest or wait some more?

Wait. There’s no amber and sone clear trichs in there. Never harvest with clear showing. You haven’t reached your strongest thc content yet.


Me thinks same

Some sources actually say to harvest with 10% clear but harvesting with any trichomes less than mature doesn’t make any sense. I recently harvested a few test buds that mostly cloudy but several white hairs remaining and it was surprisingly smooth.

@N00b don’t rush it my friend , I get it but you cannot make them grow , you allow them the environment to grow and you just assist them with the little bit help they need and they’ll be growing every where , stop rushing it and just relax , be patient if you you really want to impress them you can do it , oh it’s worth the wait :raised_hand:!


Yeah what these guys said don’t rush not yet, but also when checking trichomes to harvest, try to get your microscope on the budsites themselves not the leaves.


:100: %.
The leaves will Amber a couple weeks before the bud sites. And too. Make sure the pistils have receded back into the bud.
I see so many folks harvesting before the plants have finished growing / ripening.
Patience is key. :+1:


A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Waitem out. You will not regret it. Last few weeks will put on solid weight also. I wait till all cloudy at least myself for smoke. For my edibles i wait till 30% amber or so. I could never ever wait when i was a youngster growing. We did not have the knowledge we have today. Red hair…no seeds…cut it…lol. Now I sit back and have even overwaited trying to find my perfect med.

I’d agree…all good advise, ”wait for it…waaaaait for it!” Don’t worry. It does not happen over night. You’ll have time to decide. Remember amber trichomes on buds is what you need, not amber trichomes on sugar leaves

4-6 weeks tops !

Do you have pictures of the whole plant and some bud pictures

I don’t even start looking at trichomes until nearly all the white hairs have turned brown and receded back into the calyx’s, except to take pretty pictures

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