Is It Possible To Grow Marijuana Without Light?

Cannabis growing without lightOne of my coworkers told me that you could still grow flourishing marijuana plants with minimal or no light as long as you used the correct dosage of nitrogen. Is there any truth to this claim?

Green plants produce their food via photosynthesis. This is of course the process in which plants use light energy to build sugar from water and carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Nitrogen is then used to combine with the sugar to build the plant’s tissue. Without light, the plants will not be able to produce the sugars used to power respiration for energy and growth. Same goes for marijuana.


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Not in our lifetime!!!

without light!
Not possible. Light is how plants generate food. ie sugar
The nutrients are basically just building blocks. Light is used to build the house.
You can grow plants with minimal light, but one of the three little pigs built a house out of straw.
If you are trying not to pump up the electric bill, I would suggest fluorescent or CFL lights. Both are very low cost and do a pretty good job.
If using fluorescent lights make sure to have 1 warm and 1 cool tube for best results.
If you have some money to spend may I suggest LED lights. Some people will tell you that you cant grow good buds with LED, but I can assure you that you can. Your yield will go down a bit because they don’t offer enough light penetration and buds are a little smaller. I had very good results with them and the resin production was crazy. Very expensive set up cost, so I don’t use them for larger scale grows, I am contemplating using a hybrid setup in my flower rooms using HPS and LED.

Hope this helps