Do i have to give CO2 during dark period to my marijuana plants?

What happens to the marijuana plant while it’s dark? Do you need to keep circulation up with CO2 production?

n the daylight hours, the marijuana plant undergoes two major metabolic processes. Photosynthesis is the process that plants use to convert water and CO2 into sugar with light energy. These sugars power the metabolic rate. The plants take the oxygen from the air and burn sugars to power the cell. Respiration is a continuous process, day and night. Growth results from the plant using sugars to build cellulose and other tissues. Regardless of the light period, plants still build tissue, but the growth is limited by the quantity of sugar produced during photosynthesis.

C3 green plants like marijuana only use CO2 when they are photosynthesizing, so the air only needs to be enriched during the light portion of their day and not during the dark period. Marijuana, like any other green plant, uses oxygen when it’s dark. Air circulation needs to replenish the micro-environment at the leaf surface with fresh, oxygen-rich air.


no. only during light cycle

Exactly. The only time plants feed is when there is enough light to trigger their feeding.