Importance of CO2 for indoor marijuana growing

What kind of importance does CO2 have for indoor marijuana plants? Is it possible to grow fantastic bud without using CO2 containers or yeast product? Or does CO2 only affect the actual size of the yield?

CO2 is a vital ingredient for photosynthesis in (marijuana) plants. Plants take the hydrogen from water and the carbon dioxide from the air to produce sugar. Oxygen is emitted during this process. The formula reads as follows: 6(H2O) + 6(CO2) = C6H12O6 + 6O2. This is the foundation for plant growth because plants use sugar as the building block for tissue. CO2 levels are not important during the dark period because the plants don’t photosynthesize in the dark.

With high light conditions, plants like marijuana that create C3 chlorophyll can photosynthesize faster when exposed to large amounts of CO2. By contrast, photosynthesis slows down when CO2 is scarce. In a space that’s well-ventilated where new air is constantly introduce and used air is expelled, the plants have enough CO2.

On average, CO2 levels in the air are at about 350 parts per million (ppm). CO2 levels are depleted quickly when plants are photosynthesizing in spaces that aren’t well-ventilated. When CO2 levels drop down to around 200 ppm, photosynthesis ceases. As CO2 levels rise under bright lights, the photosynthesis rate increases correspondingly. In spaces with very bright lights, plants can utilize CO2 levels as high as 2,000 ppm—an amount that increases the growth rate and yield by leaps and bounds. Once you’ve purchased the first HPS light, your next investment for the garden should be a CO2 system that has a CO2 meter to measure parts per million, a CO2 tank with a pressure regulator, and a solenoid switch that opens the CO2 gas tank valve.



have you ever heard of pro co2 buckets?
I want to incorporate co2 into my tent but its a small 4x4 space and want to know if pro co2 is a product worth investing it. i don’t have any interest in getting the tanks and all the industrial equipment.

Yes they worked great for my small home space grows, just used a bigger hose if possible so your Co2 can flow heavier.

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This is what most growers should do and not waste money on co2 bags or buckets. Most growers don’t have enough light levels to even benefit from CO2 supplementing.


Facts !

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