Co2 And Marijuana Growing

Cannabis growing and co2CO2 help to grow my marijuana plants and how exactly do you use it?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an inert gas comprised by carbon and oxygen. Plants of many varieties utilize light energy in concert with water and CO2 to produce sugar and release free oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis. The growth rate increases linearly compared to the amount of CO2 present.


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The growth rate is not a linear relation to the amount of CO2. although CO2 is very important, it is a factor that is much harder than it seems to control. Most growers us CO2 and don’t get the benefit that they should because of how it is implemented. I have helped many growers to maximize their results by making a few changes in their systems. I recommend using a regulator attached to 1/4 inch tubing. then suspend the tubing just below the canopy of the plants. Have timers set so the exhaust fans and circulating fans are off when CO2 is on, plus about 15 minutes after CO2 stops.

The carbon used in filters is activated carbon. Save a bunch of money and google homemade carbon filters. If made properly they are very good, and you have the ability to change out the materials when they start to degrade. Unfortunately most filters that you buy are sealed units and you can not rebuild them when at the end of their life. There are some pretty neet plans for whatever size grow area you have.

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Hi people concerning co2 I brew my own beer constantly I have a tube from the air lock and have it running into grow tent tube just below canopy as the fermenting beer releases co2.
Is this a good idea? Im not sure as I am fairly new too the whole growing experience any advice would be great thanks.

Interesting point Brendan .d.h8.

my brother -in-law owns an award winning micro-brewery. He still brews at home and has about a 40 to 50 gallon fermentor in his garage vented to his grow tent somehow. He can get 2 to 3K ppm of co2 out of it. That’s actually a bit much but the plants can process that much. It seems to work great for him. I have to control my co2 with regulators and controllers and my 20# co2 tanks cost $20 to refill. Each tank lasts about 3 to 4 weeks. My system is more precise but expensive. His is free and he doesn’t have to control anything as long as he’s fermenting. I,ve been thinking about it but I really don’t have the room for brewing and growing You might want to beware though. In a smaller grow tent that you don’t actually go into it’s probably fine but in a sealed grow room 2 to 3K ppm of co2 is great for plants but not so great for humans .