Is it beginning to flower?

I am shocked at what I am seeing. Durbin, poison, germinated indoors, February 26 with three other strains, 18/6 light cycle. All four plants have been outdoors for about a month now. This is the only one that looks like it’s starting to flower. I have never bought auto seeds, only photos. No chance of a mixup. Is it possible for one plant to start flowering at two months from seedling? This is the only DP seed that I have germinated from this pack.

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It is flowering. Cannabis is capable of flowering when the day length is < 15 hours.

Not sure where you are exactly, but the day length in Dallas, for instance, is only 13.3 hours of light per day. Plants are capable of flowering at that day length.


13 hours 24 minutes from sunrise to sunset right now. North Texas area.


Is it common for photos to start flowering at two months? I thought they had to be several more months old.

Age isn’t the main factor driving flowering timing for photoperiods. They flower based on the light cycle and are capable of flowering when they are sexually mature (usually 4 to 7 weeks.)

Autos do depend on age, and most will flower at btw 4 and 7 weeks of age.

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Maybe I just started too early this year. Do you think this could have been prevented if I would have started a month later? I really intended these to veg all summer like last year‘s plants. Last year I didn’t start until May, they vegged until September I think. They were about four times the size of these plants before they started to set flowers lol.

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The longest day of the year will be June 21st. The day length in North Texas will be 14.5 hours at that point. Yes, you can minimize the risk of flowering by planting later in the season.

If you can interrupt the middle of the dark period…even for 15 min, it can prevent flowering. Some guys I met in Africa do that with security lights until they want them to flower. They always have 12 hours of daylight.

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You dont want to have sexually mature plants outside before the end of May without giving them an extra few hours of light somehow. It doesn’t need to be much light. Without it they will start to flower then reveg in June/July then they’ll transition back to flowering August/September. The revegging process can take a month or more. Your yeild will suffer dramatically. I you start from seed right now youd probably be ok but. I start my seeds inside in April and transplant them outside in June.


What are these? Planted too early, still waiting for them to flip back to veg.

The plant that flipped to flower first, does not have any of these little pockets or sacks that I can see. It is only on the other three that just barely started to flower, these three are still growing like crazy.