Unsure if my Photoperiod is stuck in veg or hasn’t bloomed yet. Help!

This is my photo. Been growing since April. Pruned throughout the grow, 12 hours of light a day. Water when needed to special treatment with nutes.

Not sure if it’s about to bloom or stuck in veg. Should I mess with the light cycle to jumpstart the bloom?

Ok, it’s outside, but is there any other lights around?.. street lights, porch lights, etc… ?
How long has it been since you started seeing pre flowers?

The patio light is on usually until like 10 or 11 if we’re cooking outside. Should I try absolute darkness 12 and 12? Could those lights affect it?

Also, been a little less than two weeks of pee flowers

uh yeah! Cannabis is photo sensitive! A strong patio light may be enough to confuse your plant or worse! Make a she into a shemale! And we dont want that. I can tell just by looking at your plant she/he is in preflower. Another 2 weeks should prove sex for real and it should be in flower. Find a dark spot in your yard for night time and if that spot isnt in full sun during the day just move em into the light.

I planted my auto in April as well. I am way up north, 24 hour day light. My girl stayed outside from seedling till harvest 2 days ago. I bought a pocket microscope and studied the tricombs, perfectly milk, very few ambers and fewer clears. That was the blueberry auto. The other auto started flower on week 3 from germination, still in heavy bloom but virtually no tricombs to look at yet. Strain characteristics are critical in the determination of flower cycle.