Is everything okay here? Wet feeling bud

Hey all.

It’s cropping time this weekend!
My ladies just need a few more days to finish the flush but I went out today to check on them tonight and noticed that one of them looked a little off.
Some smaller bud sites dried up and died, not too big of a deal, but I noticed a top looked a bit brown. Feeling it, the actual bud felt more wet and squishy than the rest.
I chopped it off and am drying it to see what happens.

I pulled apart between the bud and it all looks fine, the brown is just the dying leave (which also feel very saturated).

I did not notice a squishy stem, any bud browning besides the smaller ones on their own tiny branches, nor any webbing or white.

I did give a hefty amount of water last night… could this have caused it? I am not thinking bud rot but idk what could cause one portion to feel like this.


Maybe it drowned partially what kind of drainage do you have sounds like you really put the water to it, or something in the root ball, when its done rinse out the roots check for rot. If its in a pot anyways

They’re in oxy-pots, ocean forest soil, with rocks at the bottom.

I might have :frowning:

The rocks tend to plug up coming to the end of the season, shoot water up through a couple of the holes and see if they drain better

As long as it’s not rot we can probably just chop tomorrow. We have flushed for about 5 days and they have some amber.

Just strange that the others were fine.

Other issue is late season mildew. Didn’t have a single leaf with the issue this year until our temp dropped.