I need help is this Bud rot?

I noticed the past 2weeks its been gettin worse. The bud itself still smells and looks good. But compared to its 2 sisterssisters the bud is moist and feels wet. the total opposite of the other 2 plants. is this bud rot? And what do i do?

Im not seeing bud rot, but it looks like some nute burn.

What soil are you using? Are you feeding, and with what? What’s your pH and ppms?


I use fox soil and havent gave them nutes cause they were doing fine. The other 2 are fine. I have ph tester drops and i match color to strips for now

these are the other 2…all same soil water n light

Are they all the same strain? Have you been following the fox farms flush schedule?
No nutes at all, ever, on the first plant?
What is the pH of your water going in? pH of water run off?

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Yea all same bag seed .never did a flush. And tried nutes like 2 months ago all 3 turned burnt so i stopped and been giving ph water of about 6.3-6.8. nothing but water and the other 2 look fine

I agree with drinkslinger definitely not Bud rot. Nutrients Burns is visible. Had to pull one this week with bud rot too much rain high humidity.

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You’re in Hawaii right? What’s your outdoor temps been like? Humidity?
Any idea of your water’s ppm? Is it well water or municiple water?

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I also agree that its not rot

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Yea in hawaii. The temp been about 82-88. The humidity be high like 60-70% … i give them faucet water. I let it sit a day then test is ph and adjust with up and down. I figured it was bud rot cause when i touch the bud parts they feel moist. Not like the other 2

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Bot rot is normally brown and turn to dust when you touch it
It could be very beginning stage ?
Can you get Air moving around the plants ?

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I’m unfortunately learning more and more about bud rot… first hand.

That first plant def has something going on, nute lock, nute burn. What’s your run off ppm?

Temps look warm but acceptable. The humidity is def high for flowering. I’d be sure to bring them in when it’s supposed to rain. Try and keep the colas as dry as possible.

Typically when you have early bud rot the little sugar leaves will wilt/turn brown and be easily plucked from the bud. As it progresses you may see browning rot on the bud or at the end grey fuzzy mold.

Your buds on that plant may be larfy, so they compress easier. If you squeeze them gently and they fall apart or turn mushy I’d be concerned.